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V7 -Viccy Wanliss Fingerstyle Guitarist Entertainer

V7 -Viccy Wanliss Fingerstyle Guitarist Entertainer

V7 -Viccy Wanliss Fingerstyle Guitarist Entertainer


Hip and trendy sounds to liven things up

Using a loop pedal, giving the illusion of two guitarists, this ever evolving style encorporates percussive elements with melody and harmony. Hear your favourite pop songs transformed into guitar pieces that dazzle and impress. This repertoire of 20 songs is sure to get your guests' feet tapping, and the good times going. Download the repertoire list here, and listen to the clip below.

Counting Stars - Percussive Fingerstyle


Jazz guitar


Classical guitar


Choose your booking option!

1 Set

1 Set 1 Style 1 Hour

Travel up to 100km

Perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony, extravagant birthday or business lunch. Choose from the three sets available, to tailor your event experience.

2 Set

2 Sets 2 Styles 2 Hours

Travel up to 150km

Let the good times roll, with extra entertainment, pre-ceremony, or later as the party warms up. Choose your favourite two sets.

3 Set

3 Sets 3 Styles 3 Hours

Travel up to 150km

Impress your guests and be the host with the most. Enjoy a musical round trip, with all three fabulous sets for a party to go down in the books.


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